Automated Results is a computer consulting firm that our customers trust as a strategic partner; we help bridge the gap between business and technology.  Our clients count on us to deliver tangible business results through the implementation of computer technology.

  • Are you getting the most out of your computer technology?
  • Does your staff have industrial IT experts watching their back?
  • Do you need a digital dashboard to see the health of your company at a glance with the ability to drilldown for full detail in any area?
  • Would you appreciate automatic notification of critical systems without nuisance alarms? Do you need escalation when not corrected?
  • Is your IT budget in line with the value it delivers to your business?
  • Are you at risk for a regulatory compliance violation?
  • Would your job be in jeopardy following a computer outage or significant data loss?

Let the experts at Automated Results help you deliver computer technology that improves your bottom line.... while staying within budget.