PI Batch is not just for batch manufacturing processes, it can be used by all industry types including continuous manufacturing.  Let us show you how!
OSI PI Batch

OSIsoft developed the PI Batch component to track the genealogy of a product throughout its manufacturing process. PI Batch is capable of automatically detecting and recording the start and end of a batch (along with the batch id that identifies the specific lot # of the material being produced); the specific product created; the recipe and its parameters used to create the batch; and which set of equipment was used to create this batch.

Because of its conformance to the S88 Batch standard, the PI Batch product can be used with simple batch processes (one vessel produces 1 batch of finished product) on up to very sophisticated multi-level processes with dynamic product trains (multiple units running in serial and in parallel with late-binding of which unit will be used based on availability). But you don't have to be restricted to just batch manufacturing; find out the unique and diverse uses PI Batch can have for your business

PI Batch is made up of two components: a PI server component that utilizes the Analysis Framework (or the Module Database for older PI server releases) and a PI Batch Client tool that is an add-in to PI ProcessBook and PI DataLink. In addition, OSIsoft provides access to all of the PI Batch data via their PI SDK (software development kit) for custom coding.

Automated Results has over 30 years experience working with batch processes in various industries and over 16 years of experience with OSIsoft PI applications including PI Batch since its inception. We have served on the SP88 Batch and SP95 Enterprise ISA international standards committees and participated in the development of the S88 Batch standard that PI Batch and all other Batch products are designed to conform to. Thus we are fully qualified to help you with all things 'batch'.

We have developed the AR PI Batch Editor tool as a supplement to the existing OSIsoft PI Batch tools. The AR PI Batch Editor allows you to manage all of your batches, unit batches, and sub-batches within all of your batch modules. You can view, add, modify, and delete batches, unit batches, and sub-batches within a given time range. This tool has been invaluable for:

Diagram of the genealogy of a product through a batch process
  • Repair of batches with incorrect times, batch id, product id, and/or recipe id
  • Changing how the active flag is configured
  • Addition of missing batches due to server downtime or misconfiguration
  • Backfilling batches prior to the configuration of the automated batch detection mechanism (ex. active flag setup)
Beyond a utility for managing batches, this utility is an excellent code sample for how each PI Batch method is coded.


Please keep in mind that PI Batch is a generic tool with many more applications than just a traditional chemical batch process. We've helped clients realize the full potential of the product by applying it in other areas including batches defined as:

  • Production campaigns (ex. grades within a paper mill)
  • Continuous processes (ex. 4 day product runs)
  • Transitional processes (ex. Batches blended into a continous coating process)
  • Phases and recipe steps within a manufacturing process (Sub-Batches)
  • Shifts and Days of the week (ex. Shift A, B, C to detect differences between groups of operators)
  • Operators (ex. To detect user issues and defect levels)

Let us help you get the most out of your PI Batch investment