OSIsoft has over 450 PI interfaces to various control systems and instrumentation.  Automated Results has extensive experience writing and installing PI interfaces.
Software Interfaces

Off-the-shelf (OSIsoft PI interfaces) and Custom-built Interfaces

Automated Results has done extensive work with a wide variety of OSIsoft and third party PI interfaces, which gather data from a remote device or system and feed the information into the PI Server. Data can come from any number of sources:

  • DCS control system (ex. Emerson DeltaV)
  • PLC controller (ex. Allen Bradley SLC 500)
  • Databases (ex. MS SQL Server)
  • Other Historians (ex. AspenTech SetCIM, Rockwell RSHistorian)
  • HMI (ex. Wonderware, RSView)
  • Other Applications (ex. SAP)
  • Custom Equipment (ex. Scales)

Interfaces need to be designed to be robust and in mission-critical applications they also need to have

OSIsoft PI Interfaces

OSIsoft offers over 450 PI interfaces to control systems. We have worked directly with the following:

Control Interface systems with the use of our PI control systems.
  • ABB including ABB WIS, ABB ULMA, 1190 Gauge System
  • Allen-Bradley PLCs
  • BacNet
  • Bailey InfiNet 90 serial, SEMAPI, Serial CIU, OPC
  • Batch File
  • CANBus
  • Cincinnati Leak Detector
  • DDE
  • Dukane Ultrasonic
  • Emerson DeltaV OPC, PI-to-PI, PI Batch File
  • Fisher Rosemount Provox/CHIP
  • Foxboro AP50/51, AW70
  • GE Cimplicity and 90-30/70 PLC
  • GE Mark IV and Series 6
  • GSE D3 OPC and TrendR
  • Honeywell TDC and TDS with OPC to TPN servers
  • Husky
  • Intellution IFIX (standard, IBatch, IHistorian)
  • Kaye Data Logger
  • Measurex MXO, DaVinci, Roibox
  • Moore ICI HLL/LIL
  • Moore APACS
  • Modbus, Modbus+, Modbus Ethernet
  • Modicon Quantum PLC
  • OPC DA and HDA
  • Opto22 Snap
  • Optivision with OPC HDA
  • PI-To-PI
  • PI-Ping full version
  • SNMP with SNMP traps
  • Rockwell Automation RSBatch
  • RSLinx
  • Siemens Apogee
  • Syslog
  • TCP Response
  • Westronic
  • Wonderware (standard and OPC)
  • Windows Performance Monitor
  • Windows WMI

Third Party Interfaces

In addition to the large selection of OSIsoft interfaces, we have also worked with 3rd party interfaces:

  • COM connectors for Honeywell and AspenTech
  • Matrikon
  • Rovisys
  • Kepware (Modbus, DDE)

Custom Interfaces by Automated Results

PI Interfaces

Automated Results can develop custom interfaces to record data into PI from unique instrumentation.
  • Husky
  • Dukane
  • Cincinatti
  • Bailey APS for NT
  • Moore ICI HLL and LIL
  • BacNet

Non-PI Interfaces

  • SAP
  • Sigmafine
  • MS SQL server
  • Acquidata (multiple)
  • Optivision (multiple)
  • Scales (multiple)
  • Measurex Roibox
  • SKF Marlin Inspection System
  • Fibermaster Test System (multiple)
  • TestStream

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