Automated Results is a consulting firm that helps manufacturing businesses collect, analyze, and convert their real-time data into actionable information for the benefit of all levels of their organization.
About Us
Computer consulting for industrial businesses worldwide

Our History

We founded Automated Results in 2000 as a computer consulting firm that is willing to be held accountable for tangible business results. We are enterprise data experts who work with data from process control to financial systems and everything in-between.

Over the last 16 years, Automated Results has acquired many Fortune 500 clients and forged lasting relationships throughout the industrial arena with a track record for appropriately assessing the whole situation and presenting a solution that exceeds expectations and delivers an excellent return-on-investment.

We have extensive experience implementing innovative software that can withstand the demands of a 24x7 operation, FDA approval, and exceeds OSHA regulations. This uniquely qualifies us for the most stringent software projects.

At Automated Results, we provide reliable, cost-effective computing solutions that deliver short and long term results.


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Life Sciences
  • Food
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Power
  • Chemical
  • Mining

Tangible Business Results for Your Success

We provide computer solutions to your most important business problems. We deliver tangible results to your bottom line and not just delivering a piece of software or hardware.

Instead of forcing a client to wrap their business around a software package, we wrap a computer solution around how you run your specific business. After all, you are successful because you have figured out how to operate in a way that beats your competition.

Education Trumps Selling

We're not looking to sell you a product or service; our role as one of your strategy partners is to educate you in our areas of expertise, so you can make informed decisions.  We'll tell you if we have a solution that fits your need, but we will also let you know if someone else's product is a better fit. 

Seeking Strategic Partnerships

We are looking for long-term relationships and/or strategic partnerships where we are able to contribute to your success again and again.  We strive to learn your business and visualize how to best incorporate technology into your operation.  We then work with you on a phased implementation where we start small, prove ourselves and as we complete phases, we help justify subsequent phases and/or additional projects. We seek a win-win-win scenario where our customers, our employees, and Automated Results benefit!

Watching Your Back

We take a proactive stance; it is our job to stay on top of technology, prove its viability, and keep you informed on what might be good for you now or sometime in the future.  We don't just drop in a solution, we proactively monitor its use and let you know of potential issues before they turn into a costly outage.  We also observe your usage of our solutions and as you become more adept in their usage, we'll show you about the next level of functionality so you can continue to see an increasing return on your investment over the lifecycle of the solution.

We built AR on the premise that computer consulting can be based on your business results and not just a body-for-hire model.  When you finish a project with us, you'll want to tell others about your success!   We acquire new clients through referrals, so we have to keep all of our customers happy with each and every project. 

Automated Results seeks to understand your business and focus our vast computer expertise on your highest priority needs and goals.

We're happy when you're happy!