Scheduled report generation is a main-stay within manufacturing businesses, but to minimize the amount of information people must sift through, businesses are depending on event-driven reports where the information is made available when a significant change or event has occurred instead of periodically.
Data Historian Reporting

What Is It?

Our Data Historian Reporting solution is made up of standard off-the-shelf products (ex. MS SQL Server Reporting Services) with an event-driven component delivered as a Windows Service.

Data Historian Reporting (DHR) is an application that automatically renders and delivers reports containing PI data. Report generation is triggered based on PI events (ex. end of batch) or time (ex. 6 am each morning). The reports can be delivered as:

  • An email to one or more users
  • A PDF file published to a shared directory (ex.SharePoint library).

How It Works?

The Automated Result’s Reporting tool revolves around industry standard off-the-shelf products:

  • OSIsoft PI server, AF server, and PI OLEDB
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Microsoft Net

An application administrator configures the tool by associating MS Reporting Services reports containing PI tags then defines the delivery method email and/or SharePoint.

The PI AF can be used to map aliases to unit relative PI tags so a single report can be used across multiple units.

A Windows Service runs in the background to monitor time and PI event changes that trigger the rendering of reports.

An application administrator can monitor the automatic reporting and retrigger report generation (ex. data has changed since the initial report was created).

The end-user simply checks their email or a shared folder to view a report online and/or print a report.

How Is It Useful?

When it is important to automatically deliver a time-sensitive report based on the occurrence of some PI event, this tool is for you!

  • Product / Batch completion
  • Quality or environmental incident
  • Threshold monitoring
  • Compliance reporting