Digital Dashboards provide a self-service insight into the key metrics and associated details about a company or facility.  Let Automated Results help your company organize your data, make it easy to find, and easy to understand.
Digital Dashboard

You don’t have to be in the dark about your facility status anymore!

Digital dashboards are a powerful way to keep your entire staff informed about what is most important. Let Automated Results show you how dashboards are becoming an indispensible tool for businesses.

Implement a digital dashboard and you will have an easy-to-read snapshot of your key metrics for the entire organization to access, understand, and take action on. Automated Results can help!

How do you determine the state of your facility?

  • Ask colleagues to get information for you?
  • Collect information from multiple systems into a spreadsheet?
  • Manually aggregate the data to roll-up into reportable categories?
  • Review the resulting data and raise questions about the numbers?
  • Repeat the process for more detailed information?

A digital dashboard is an ‘easy to read’ real-time display showing the current and historical state of a facility’s key performance indicators at-a-glance; it is a self-service progress report. The dashboard is a web page connected to a data historian that translates real-time data into useable business information. Would you like up-to-date key metrics at your fingertips with the ability to drilldown for increasing details to explain the results? Would you like an easy to understand dashboard format that all levels of your organization could see and base decisions against? Automated Results is a computer consulting firm that provides industrial/manufacturing businesses with the design and implementation of manufacturing dashboards that allow you to:

  • Define and convey key metrics that your staff should rally around
  • Provide consistent current and historical view of your business for all staff to see
  • Visualize and emphasize issues with details to facilitate resolution
    • Historical trends (ex. Daily machine output YTD)
    • Pareto charts (ex. Top 5 downtime reasons, Top 5 under producing machines)
    • Comparison charts (ex. Shift A vs. Shift B or a problem machine against a standard)
    • X-Y plots (ex. Humidity vs. Product reject counts)
    • Pivot tables (ex. Product categories vs. product yields)
  • Trigger automatic notifications to those responsible when metrics are below their target
  • Provide a single visualization tool that you can easily evolve as you learn more about your business and/or as business goals change
  • Control which information is visible using role-based security
  • Better leverage your resources through notification and information sharing
  • Save you serious money and time

Automated Results can design and implement a digital dashboard from your PI data.