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PI Downtime Analysis

Do you know the:

  • Top downtime reasons for a machine last week?
  • Top downtime reasons by equipment type?
  • Top downtime reasons by shift?
  • Top downtime reasons by product run?
  • Downtime costs by downtime reason?
  • YTD amount saved by seeking root-cause?
  • Trade-off between setup cost and the length of a product run?

Ask Yourself:

  • Are you working on the most important downtime issues?
  • Are more frequent short duration outages costing more than the more obvious outages?
  • Can you visually and analytically compare a suspect run against a known good run?
  • Are you interested in reducing the number of unplanned trips?

Automated Results has developed custom Downtime Analysis systems for many Fortune 500 companies. The system can collect data, compute metrics, record the results, and provide graphical (ex. Pareto charts) and tabular (ex. Pivot Tables) visualization on desktop tools like Excel or on reports for electronic distribution.

We use a combination of real-time equipment data and operator entry to detect machine operation and record downtime reasons. Often the root cause of the downtime is not available until the end of the downtime, which our systems can handle.

The power is the transformation of raw data into useable information that can reveal trends and issues that were previously undetected:

  • Procedural issue
  • Problem shift
  • Increased setup times converting from a dissimilar product
  • Equipment wear
  • Raw material specification issue
  • Operators unintentionally masking an equipment problem

Capturing critical real-time data throughout the plant and applying our data analytical skills empowers you to find unforeseen data correlations that can save your facility significant dollars. Our downtime analytics system can cost you a fraction of your unplanned outage costs.