Product Genealogy is more than just a quality control tool, it can also be a powerful product engineering tool. Let Automated Results show you the benefits.
Product Genealogy


Manufacturers are often required to track the mixture of raw materials their products are made of including the raw materials, semi-finished product, and finished product so customer service and product engineers can investigate customer complaints, product exceptions, and other related quality conditions.

Product Genealogy is the recording of what goes into their products including:

  • Material Name
  • Date and time of consumption
  • Quantity of consumption
  • Lot number of the material
  • Serial number of the product

When consumptions are applied at all levels of production throughout the manufacturing process, one can backtrack from the final product all the way back to a specific lot of raw material and its associated paperwork:

  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Product Specification
  • Vendor Specification
  • Lab Test Results

This can be a very powerful tool for multiple departments within an organization:

  • Customer Service: process complaints
  • Production Managers: compare results over time and against a golden standard
  • Product Engineers: improve the product
  • Quality Engineers: measure conformance to the product specificiation
  • Purchasing Agents: hold vendors accountable to their specifications
  • Process Engineers: measure process capability against product specifications

Batch and Genealogy Experts

Automated Results has 30+ years experience with batch processing and product genealogy. One of the owners participated in the development of the ISA S88 Batch Standard and ISA S95 Enterprise Computing Standard that defines the framework that software manufacturers and businesses are using to implement product tracking and batch processing.