The OSIsoft PI Data Historian can be a real-time data hub that feeds your other systems.  Let Automated Results show you how we can get along with you as partners.
PI Partners

At Automated Results, we have the horsepower and product knowledge to make every PI project a success. We are an OSIsoft Partner and have been working with PI since 1996. We know the products, inside and out and are very helpful in the process of installation and support.

We have certified OSIsoft installers on staff and have completed a number of projects implementing the PI System. We were also one of the first integrators to implement OSIsoft's RtReports. While Automated Results has significant experience with the deployment of validated PI Systems for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, our staff also has experience in chemicals, specialty chemicals, utilities, food and beverage and glass applications.

Automated Results has worked with OSIsoft to supply, implement and support its suite of data collection software products to customers locally, nationally and internationally. Regardless of whether a customer requires a system review, recommendations on system architectures, or assistance in deploying the software to its global organization, we are here to help.

The PI product suite contains the tools your engineers and managers need to quickly find and analyse data to help them make informed decisions that will increase uptime, reduce bottlenecks and improve plant efficiency.