Keep track of the time periods your events will take place in.
OSIsoft PI Event Frames

Events are important process, product, safety, environmental, and/or business time periods worth recording. In the PI System, events are recorded using PI Event Frames. Instead of searching by time, PI Event Frames enable users to easily search the PI System for the timeframes of a specific event type (ex. Find all Environmental Incidents in the last 30 days).

With PI Event Frames, the PI System helps you capture, store, find, compare and analyze the important events and their related data.

Automated Results can help you keep track of the important events of your business.

Event Frame Representations

PI Event frames represent occurrences in your process that you want to search for in the future, for example:

  • Downtime Tracking
  • Environmental Releases
  • Operator shifts
  • System Alarms states
  • Equipment startups and shut downs
  • Equipment/Process failures
    • Filter clogs
    • Roller chatter
    • Overload or Overheat conditions
    • Network bandwidth saturation
  • Batch operations / batch steps
    • Material additions
    • Product growth in a bioreactor
    • Product transfers
  • Product tracking of batches
This is what event frames look like. See your events unfold before your eyes.

Event Frame Definition

A PI Event Frame is defined by the following characteristics:

  • Name.
  • Start time and end time: defines the event’s time range.
  • Context:
    • Event attributes
      • Event Description
      • Maximum Pressure
      • Average Temperature
      • System State
      • Final dispense volume
      • Reason Code
      • Operator Comment
      • Valve position
    • Assets related to the event
      • Unit where the event occurred
      • Source and destination tanks for a transfer
      • Current product