Your data is safe with the PI Historian.
OSIsoft PI Historian

Keep your data on file as shown by this Diagram of the PI Historian

PI is a real-time data historian application with a highly efficient time-series database structured and developed by OSIsoft. PI stands for Process Information. This application can efficiently record data from process control systems (ex. DCS, PLC) into a compressed time series database. Customers are using PI systems to record, analyze, and monitor real-time information such as:

  • Process (Valves, Pumps, Flows, Pressures, Levels) 
  • Products, Batches, Campaigns, and Production Runs
  • Product Geneology from raw material to final product
  • Environmental and Safety
  • IT Systems and Network equipment

Software Components

The PI application has an array of components to handle user's needs with the ability to add custom software components if needed. You can start with a basic implementation and add more functionality, more tags, and more client licenses as justified over time. Some of the note-worthy components are:

  • ProcessBook

    (Process Graphic design and display )

  • DataLink

    (Add-in to Excel for tabular data analysis)

  • PI Batch

    (Associate a time interval with a label (Batch, Campaign, Run, Shift, etc))

  • PI ACE

    (Event driven custom logic, advanced equations)

  • PI SQC

    (Statistical Quality Control graphs and analysis)

  • PI WebParts

    (Web based graphical and tabular display of PI data)

  • Real-time and Historical Data

    Unlike a DCS or HMI that can display real-time data within a short term time horizon, PI allows manufacturing sites to view data real-time as well as easily look back at data from years ago. There are times when it's useful to graphically overlay or compare tabular data from multiple time ranges (ex. compare a current production campaign against a known good production run from a year ago). This is possible with PI ProcessBook and PI DataLink.

    OSIsoft PI Application: A Central Repository

    Data aquisition is a breeze as shown in this Diagram of PI Historian

    The OSIsoft PI database with real-time data acquisition offers a central repository for data through a facility or across multiple locations. Information can be automatically collected from many different sources (Control systems, Lab equipment, Calculations, Manual Entry, and/or Custom software). Most information is gathered using one of the many OSIsoft and third party PI Interfaces. Users can then access this information using a common set of tools (ex. Excel, web browser, ProcessBook) and look for correlations: 

    • Analyze seasonal trends
    • Determine if utilities are not meeting the demands of production
    • Compare the performance of different lots of raw material
    • Determine when maintenance is required on equipment
    • Optimize the utilization or performance of a production line

    There are countless uses for a Process Historian; we are continuously amazed at the creative uses of PI (Digital Dashboard) and the types of data (ex. Financial) being recorded by our clients.