Automated Results can take care of your PI installations and upgrades in one application.
PI Installation and Upgrades

Automated Results is proud to be an OSIsoft PI Partner; we are dedicated to helping customers capture, display, and integrate their enterprise data.

Installation is easy with our help.

What Is It?

Automated Results provides a full set of PI installation and upgrade services. Whether it is a new installation of PI or upgrading to a newer version, we'll help you plan and execute the installation.

Installations and upgrades can include the following:

  • Network Configuration
  • Server Operation System Configuration
  • OPC Server
  • PI Interfaces
  • PI Archive/Database
  • PI Server Modules (ex. PI AF, PI Event Frames, PI Notification, etc.)
  • PI Administration Configuration (ex. PI MDB to AF synchronization, PI Backups, etc.)
  • PI Tag Creation and Data Compression Tuning
  • PI Development Tools (ex. PI SDK, PI ACE, AF Formulas, PI PE)
  • PI Desktop Tools (ex. PI ProcessBook, Datalink, PI SQC, PI BatchView, ManualLogger, etc.)
  • PI Web Tools (ex. PI Coresight, PI Web Parts)

How Is It Useful?

You have paid good money for your current PI system and most likely you are paying the annual TSA, so you would like to get the most from your investment in PI.

Automated Results can apply its 20 years of PI experience across many industries to help you:

  • Learn best practices
  • Configure the application to run smoothly without interruption
  • Setup your PI system to capture regular backups and ensure a complete recovery
  • Educate your staff on the use of PI as it applies to your business
  • Implement unused PI modules as it applies to your business

We can teach you to do more with what you already own and learn where you can go with PI to get even higher returns on your implementation.