Notifications allows the end user the chance to catch any aberrations to an event without having to stare at a computer screen all day long.
OSIsoft PI Notification

PI Notifications are text or email messages to one or more users based on notification rules being triggered from changing real-time data. Notifications allow you to stay on-top of your process and systems without having to continuously watch a computer screen to catch a significant event. When it is important to reacte quickly to a situation defined by real-time data, then a PI Notification should be considered.

Applications for Notifications

  • Equipment Failure or Downtime
  • Environmental Incident
  • Out-of-spec production
  • Running out of a raw material
  • Exceeding a threshold
  • Batch ended

A notification can be delayed in order to minimize false alarms or to implement alert escalation.

  • After 5 minutes of downtime, notify the operator
  • If the equipment is still down after 30 minutes, notify the supervisor
  • If the equipment is still down after 2 hours, notify the production manager and maintenance supervisor

Notification Design Strategy

It is crucial to carefully filter the notifications rules to produce only appropriate alerts. This suggests the creation of all notifications rules should be done as a two-step process:

  • Create the notification (rule).
  • After some time passes, evaluate the triggering frequency of the rule.

Notification History

The PI system keeps a record of all notification instances/events: when they started and ended. The end user then responds to these events and thus someone can look back in time to see the history of occurences even if they didn't receive a text or email. This history is extremely valuable to analyze frequency, correlate trigger times against other events and attributes within the system, and analyze response times.