Give your industry a tune up with the PI modules that our technicians use to give your system the right pick me up.
OSI PI Tune-Up
Our technicians will review your problem and recommend improvements to get you back on your feet again.

What Is It?

Automated Results will evaluate your existing PI environment and recommend improvements based on your priorities and budget:

  • Interface configuration including data buffering
  • PI server configuration and backups.
  • Use of PI modules.
  • Giving a facelift to process graphics and/or digital dashboard.
  • Automatic distribution of reports containing PI data.
  • Automatic alerting of PI events as text, voice, and/or email.

How It Works?

Automated Results PI experts will talk with your personnel about the company’s current use of PI and where you’d like to go with it. Then we’ll review your existing PI environment from the interfaces collecting the data through the PI servers which store the data to the display of the PI information and to the end user.

Based on discussions with you and the evaluation of your current environment, we’ll talk to you about what additional functionality is available within PI and give you recommendations on the best architecture to implement in order to meet your short and long term needs.

The PI AF can be used to map aliases to unit relative PI tags so a single display or report can be used across multiple units.

We will help you understand how to best apply PI and help you design a cost-justified implementation.

A diagram of a PI Tune Up

How Is It Useful?

You’ve paid good money for your PI system and most likely you are paying the annual TSA, so you’d like to get the most from your PI investment.

Automated Results can apply its 20 years of PI expertise with multiple industries to help you get more from PI:

  • Learn best practices and set a long-term architecture
  • Quality or environmental incident
  • Educating your staff on the use of PI as it applies to your business
  • Improved data accuracy and reliability with minimal data loss
  • Improved delivery of information to all levels of staff
  • Implement unused PI modules
  • Automatic delivery of time-sensitive information
  • Cost Reduction in PI / support and development