Adequate security of your process control network should be a priority for someone in your company.
Process Network Design

Automated Results specializes in the design of process control networks for industrial businesses. Our background stems from process control and the integration of data from control systems up to financial systems. We design networks for:

  • Integrity
  • Security
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Visibility
  • Flexibility and Expandability
  • Managed Total Cost of Ownership

Do any of these problems hit home?

  • Sluggish network? Getting worse with more devices?
  • Are your control systems vulnerable?
  • Are you losing data?
  • Do you have phantom network problems?
  • Do you restart services/systems due to the network?
  • Are network issues causing production downtime?
  • Unsure of who is accessing network resources?
  • Out of compliance with industrial network requirements? (ISA SP99, NIST, NERC, DCS/PLC vendor specs)

Would you like to understand what the network design requirements and best practices are for your industry?

Automated Results is a computer consulting firm that provides industrial network design and implementation services:

  • Fully characterize your network traffic
  • Design a Process Control Network for Isolation and Security
  • Properly segregate your network logically and physically
  • Allow easy visibility and control of access to network resources
  • Document your network configuration and policies
  • Turn your network administration into a proactive mode

We are the bridge!

Automated Results understands process control and network design for process control, which allows us to talk with your Controls Engineers from their perspective. Our enterprise network and data center expertise also allows us to communicate with your Enterprise Network Management or IT team from their viewpoint.

Automated Results bridges the gap between the groups.

We would be glad to provide a ‘Lunch N Learn’ session for your staff to learn more about this topic and about Automated Results.