Never have to fix a break ever again... move your organization to condition based maintenance
Condition Based Maintenance
Condition Based Maintenance or CBM is:
  • A maintenance philosophy
  • Maintenance when needed at opportune times
  • Replacement before end of useful life
  • Utilizes real-time data to detect the need for maintenance and trigger work requests
  • Implements semi-redundant and/or fully redundant equipment and sensors

You can implement condition-based maintenance gradually and to whatever level of automation is appropriate:

  • Manual (ex. based on a paper procedure)
  • Semi-automatic (ex. the computer detects a condition or crosses a threshold and starts an action that requires human intervention)
  • Automatic (ex. queue a maintenance request when a set of conditions are detected by the computer)

Who Should Implement Condition Based Maintenance?

Condition-based maintenance should be consider when a company cannot afford downtime:

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Power Plants / Transmission
  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Municipal Waste/Water
  • Military
  • Construction (Excavators have historians)
  • Data Centers and Internet Service Providers

CBM optimizes the tradeoff between maintenance costs and performance costs by increasing availability and reliability while eliminating unnecessary maintenance activities.

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