Service Descriptions

How our Hosting Solutions work for you!

Offline Disaster Recovery remote backups through secure VPN tunnel

Automated Results provides Offline Disaster Recovery backup over a secure encrypted point to point VPN Tunnel for clients.  These Backups are always completely offline on the Automated Results side.  In the event the backups are needed, the client can either transfer the files back via the secure encrypted point to point VPN Tunnel or Automated Results will copy files on to a password protected encrypted hard drive and overnight to the client.

Offline Disaster Recovery using Storage Replication of encrypted data through secure VPN Tunnel

Automated Results Data Center utilizes HPE Nimble Storage technology for our data center SAN Storage.  As part of this technology HPE Nimble Storage allows Nimble Device to Nimble Device replication.  This replication is compressed and encrypted at the client side.  To achieve the replication there is a single nonstandard TCP port opened between the two Nimble devices through a secure encrypted point to point VPN Tunnel.  The client’s Nimble device is replicated to the Automated Results Nimble device in a permanent offline status.   In the event of a disaster this offline copy can be replicated back to the client, but the client must initiate all actions.

Offline Desktop backup via SSL connection

Automated Results has group of local small business that we provide a local desktop disaster recovery backup of their important files to the Automated Results Data Center.   These backups are done through a one-way SSL connection to the Backup server using a single nonstandard TCP port.  If these files are needed Automated Results will copy files on to a password protected encrypted hard drive and hand deliver them to the client.  These files are encrypted and can only be restored by the software installed on client’s machine. These files are non-searchable from the Automated Results storage location.

Desktop and Remote Application Hosting through CudaLaunch using MFA

Automated Results provides a Secure Remote App or Remote Desktop connection for clients that do not have the funds or the means to host a centralized desktop or centralized desktop application.  Automated Results does this by utilizing Barracuda CudaLaunch.  Through CudaLaunch we present a client with an SSL webpage to sign into.   After Initial sign on the clients must do an MFA via text or email.  Once authenticated the clients will get a web portal of their available connections.   Once they click on their Remote App or Remote desktop the CudaLaunch will establish a single use SSL VPN connection from their computer to the Remote App or Remote desktop.  All data is transferred to and from client on this SSL VPN Connection.

Enterprise Class Email Hosting

Automated Results provides enterprise class email for our small business clients.  We utilize the SmarterTools SmarterMail Enterprise email server to provide this service.  All email is setup for SSL/TLS connections.  All incoming and outgoing email passes through a Barracuda Spam filter along with SmarterMail Spam filter for extra security.

Enterprise Anti-Virus Management Solutions

Automated Results provides Anti-Virus solutions through ESET Enterprise AV.   Most of this solution is handled through ESET AV servers on the internet.  Automated Results houses the central AV management server in the Automated Results Data Center.  This server is used to check status of AV and to initiate an update from the internet if the Automatic Updates fails

Small Business Infrastructure Hosting Solutions

Automated Results will provide network and server infrastructure which are client managed for small business clients that do not have the funds or staff to house and manage an internal server infrastructure.   The clients will access their infrastructure through a secure encrypted point to point VPN Tunnel between there office and the Automated Results Data Center.   All the company traffic will flow through this internal VPN Connection.  Automated Results will provide the infrastructure and support assistance if needed.  Automated Results provides a base of services for these clients that includes AV, Local Daily Encrypted Backup, and Server and Tunnel Monitoring.