Enterprise Infrastructure

Enterprise level servers, network, scalability, and
security for a 24×7 operation

As computer technology continues to evolve and get more complex, businesses are finding they can leverage the expertise of computer consulting firms like Automated Results to partner with businesses in the development, implementation, and support of their IT infrastructure. In the 1980s, IT outsourcing was strongly frowned upon, but today with hybrid cloud computing, businesses can strategically carve out what is appropriate to control in-house and what to outsource.

At Automated Results, we allow businesses to dynamically define those boundaries based on their current needs; we operate with full transparency with our expertise and our computing power so businesses can take on what they want and when they want. For example:


      • Automated Results has application knowledge that a business wants to acquire, so AR is brought in to work with the business on a project to design and implement best practices and better position the application while teaching the business’ personnel to handle future work in-house using the examples of the initial project and the knowledge transfer.
      • A business finds it is not cost effective to use in-house personnel to support their IT infrastructure (the layers of hardware, OS, network, security, etc. below the business applications), but they want their people to maintain configuration and end-user support for their business applications, so Automated Results implements a migration plan that moves their infrastructure into a virtual environment where a portion of the infrastructure is maintained within the walls of the business and the rest is maintained at a set of remote data centers in a hybrid cloud configuration. Automated Results maintains those components independently of how the business runs and the business controls the applications that their health and livelihood rely on.
      • A business wants piece of mind; they want to know that they have the computing power and expertise available when they need it – 24×7. That’s why they hire Automated Results! We supplement their staff and have access to a fluid computing environment where they can boot up a new system fully configured or expand the capabilities of an existing system at a moment’s notice. They can dissolve it at any time when the resource is no longer needed.


      We’ll discuss best practices for your industry with you to design an IT infrastructure that best meets your current conditions and design a longer term strategic plan to realize your end goals.


      We’ll develop a phased implementation plan that allows you to carefully step into the environment with minimal interruption which maximizes knowledge transfer. Each phase will incorporate business related metrics and milestones to verify we are hitting the mark before progressing to the next phase.


      Automated Results provides all levels of support from first line on-call 24-7 to on-call as a backup for company personnel; we help businesses establish a robust support team with a pro-active stance to minimize business interruptions.