Software Development

Full stack offerings for building custom applications or integrations that provide solutions that fit your specific needs

Off-the-shelf vs. Custom Software Development

Automated Results provides customer software development services when off-the-shelf applications do not meet the your requirements. At Automated Results, we first seek best-of-breed off-the-shelf software as a first choice and provide custom software development services to fill in when nothing is currently available to fit the complexity of your needs. Although we are capable of designing and developing standalone applications, we like to investigate existing applications that may fulfill all or part of the need, then determine if a standalone application is required or a hybrid design where off-the-shelf software is combined with some level of custom software. We seek a strong architecture that will meet current and long-term needs and help you weigh out the cost of the implementation vs. the value being delivered to be sure the custom development will deliver the expected value.

Automated Results Toolset to Deliver Cost Savings 

Automated Results has developed a set of software concepts over the last 30 years that can be implemented from project to project. We don’t reinvent the wheel, instead we capitalize on our prior work and continually improve our toolset and methods that provide code and design consistency even as technology evolves. Our experience and approach helps deliver savings on custom software development costs to improve ROI. 

Development Platform

As Automated Results develops software, we help you select the appropriate architecture for your needs and standards based on the platform.

  • Languages: C# | VB (.Net/.Net Core), Javascript/Typescript (NodeJS / Angular 2+), Shellscript, Python, C, C++, Java, etc.
  • Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB (No-SQL), etc.
  • Application Types: Web Apps, Windows Apps, SPA (Angular), PWA (mobile friendly), Services, etc.
  • Architecture Patterns: Microservices, Api’s, MVC, WCF, Windows/Web Forms, Background Jobs, etc.
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