Document Management

Document versioning, workflows, retention,
business processes, data entry, and sharing

Document Management has evolved from a simple imaging and retrieval system to a system that can:

  • Capture and store content with different document types (ex. MS Word, PDF, Excel, HTML, etc.)
  • Search/index content within the documents themselves.
  • Allow metadata to be manually entered and/or automatically extracted from documents to help searching and indexing
  • Version Control: save multiple versions of content over time for review and comparison
  • Audit Trail: keeping a read-only record of access, viewing, and changes within the system
  • Granular Security: show/hide documents, folders, and functions based on a given user’s privileges
  • Document Retention Control: determine when a document should be re-reviewed/upgraded or destroyed
  • Collaboration: providing additional tools (ex. Tasks, Workflow for review and approval, Wikis, Libraries, etc.) to allow multiple people to efficiently collaborate

    Microsoft Sharepoint

    Automated Results has 13 years of experience with Microsoft SharePoint:

    • Design
    • Implementation
    • Support
    • Hosting (Host it in your environment or let Automated Results host it at our secure data centers)

    Microsoft SharePoint is an industry standard and provides a powerful set of tools to handle document management for companies small and large. Although we have proven the value of SharePoint time and again, Automated Results has learned to be cautious in the level of SharePoint customization to suggest, the on-going support costs and the cost to upgrade heavily customized SharePoint implementations can be more costly than the value of the customization.

    Automated Results always evaluates and communicates the total cost of ownership for a client so they can make an informed decision up-front.

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