Production Reporting

Production, Quality, Reliability, Environmental reports
(Roll-up, event triggered, automatic distribution)

When we ask businesses about how they handle reporting, we often hear that they use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to manually generate, print, and/or email a report. They typically complain that this manual process causes problems when the person is not available to generate and distribute the report.

Customers are thrilled to find there are ways to:

  • Automatically generate and distribute their reports without their intervention
  • Design reports that can be reused for different plant sites, areas, units, and equipment and timeframes
  • Trigger automatic report generation and distribution based on events or data changes:
  • Time: Daily, End of Shift, End of Quarter
  • End of a Production Run of a specific product or experiment
  • Product or Process Exception
  • Non-Compliance Exception
  • Environmental Incident

Automated Results has developed a Data Driven Reporting system based on best-of-breed tools and an application that we developed from our 30+ years of industrial reporting experience and customer requests.

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